2019 Survey

Hello, a lot of questions were raised on the “Other thoughts or comments” field, so I though I'd answer most of them here.

Q: You should ask varying degrees of curved up, down, left and right.

Q: Dicks can curve up or down and sideways

Q: Dicks can curve in more than one direction you know. :D And also you could've asked for the degree of curvature. Otherwise, solid survey.

Q: Great job overall, the only thing I would suggest for next time is making the dick curve question allow multiple responses (for example, so someone could choose "upwards" and "leftwards"). You clearly put a lot of thought into designing the survey; good luck with the data analysis!

A: I was worried about asking too many questions and making the survey tiresome and boring. I will though, next time.

Q: It might have been interesting to ask when the survey taker first realized they were BDP, when the started puberty, how many partners of each gender, and what their favorite wine is. OK, you can skip the last one.

Q: It would be able to know how big part of us used to think we were small.

A: Well…crap. The part of “how many partners of each gender” would be specially interesting, but all these would’ve been good to add. Even the wine one would've been good because I like adding random nonsense questions. Damn.

Q: dick length measurements are not accurate. 6.5"" is not 17 but 16.5.

A: 16.51cm rounds up to 17cm

Q: Do a City/State/ Providence breakdown

A: No, that’s too specific and unnecessary, not to mention a privacy concern for the people being surveyed.

Q: Some questions can have more than one answer

A: Which ones, specifically?

Q: Could maybe include a thing about deformities down there.. I've got bell clappers. And also about amount of discharge (I'm very confused about mine)

A: Good questions which I completely forgot. Maybe I can do just a mini-survey later only about balls and cumshots and stuff of the sort, if people are interested.

Q: “Oftenly” was a choice for condom use

Q: Oftenly

A: why the hell is oftenly not a word, what is wrong with your goddamn language

Q: Some questions need to allow for a variance. For example flaccid length varies greatly depending on temperature.

A: What would probably work best for the next survey is to either have the person write the minimum/maximum flaccid length OR to specify that measurements should be taken at an ambient temperature, neither hot nor cold.

Q: A lot of the options for these answers are going to get away from getting meaningful results. You need to have answers that are more mutually exclusive

A: Please elaborate.

Q: "Do you believe PE works?" should be included if PE is included at all

A: That would’ve been a nice question to ask but unfortunately it’s too late for that now, sorry.

Q: You put “Yes, without my partners consent” as an answer to a question, and it’s worded like if you clicked it you rape your partner.

A: That's a good point. That's a very good point. I changed it to "Yes, without my partner knowing" to try and avoid this misinterpretation.

Q: Ask about types of diets and activities while growing up. There might be a potential correlation with first or activities in key years when testosterone is taking an effect on the body.

A: I actually was going to ask about those! But I didn't really know how to phrase the question or what answers to put there so I avoided including it.

Q: What brand of condoms could have been a question. I use: My size 69mm condoms. I never trust anyone on the site that says "Bro, Trojan MAGNUMS."

A: I don’t know enough condom brands (read: any) and would need help with putting in the answers to this question. Or I guess it could’ve been an open ended question where you write anything you want, but those are a mess to sort out later on.

Q: Country you're from isn't clear. Country of birth or country where you live currently.

A: I realized that while I was making the survey and then I forgot. Oops.

Q: The last series of questions eg fetishes, etc, veers off-topic, making it harder to get reliable results on the core questions, without the additional questions adding much value to the survey.

A: I don’t see how that interferes with anything. I can just leave them aside and filter them later.

Q: You should specify how accurate you want the answers to be.

A: At first I didn't understand what you meant by this but later on I started to get it. The amount of precision, in terms of digits. I have to admit, allowing people to put in a measurement as precise as they wanted to write lead the counting/tally script I have much less efficient than it would've been otherwise. People are being too precise for their own good. Next survey, I'll probably prohibit people from writing non-whole numbers (except for dick sizes, where only each 0.5" step would be considered).

Q: Need to ask "longer and less girthy"

A: Maybe I should've used a grid for this one, like having the rows for “length”, “girth” and “flaccid” and then having a person select bigger or smaller for each one.

Q: You didnt ask what size women prefer

A: But I did. It's in there. The "if you like dicks" is a question for both gay men and straight women.

Q: height shoud be in CM, not inches. skipping a unit just because there isnt an inch to correspond to the certain CM is stupid. 175 jumps to 178.. like what????

A: For this survey, just round it up or down. I’ll try to see if I can figure out a better solution for the next survey.

Q: Some of the questions were this or that, not combinations of possible answers

A: Which ones, exactly?

Q: You should've specified where people got their girth measurement. Now you're gonna get an Irregular number. I measured at the base for example, where I am the thickest.

A: Fixed it.

Q: You had me trying to know the size to my nuts at 630 am while walking my dog. So I just said 18.

A: If you don’t know the answer then just don’t answer. Also, for just a second I thought you tried to measure your balls while in public and then just gave up.

Q: Fetish question is too restrictive. Age of PE might be of interest, i.e. is there a correlation between gap of beginning of dick growth and age P.E. was performed and the gains received? There may be a lot of confounding variables in that however.

A: These are intersting questions, but I didn’t want to fill the survey with questions about PE since I assumed only a small part of people in here actually did PE.

Q: The question about gender-ideology i.e., "Are you Trans?" was unnecessary and presumptuous that everyone subscribes to the belief that people can be "cis" or "trans".

A: Even if you personally don’t believe people can be “cis” or “trans”, that question was necessary in order to avoid people filling in “Trans” as their gender or “Transexual” as their sexual orientation, both of which happened on the survey in 2016. It's best to have this be a separate quesiton rather than it to interfere with other questions where it doesn't fit properly.

Q: Still growing isn’t an option

Q: The question on when the respondent stopped growing doesn't have an option for still noticeably growing, which could lead to misleading data.

A: I forgot. Oops.

Q: If you want a more reliable study add more required questions. Statistical significance :)

A: Eh...that would mean I’d need to separate this into multiple different surveys because not everyone who frequents /r/BDP has a dick, and that would require effort™.

Q: Maybe have a comments section as a part 2 or B to some of the questions that might require a bit of context. It could show prevailing attitudes among the group about different topics.

A: Well, this is thread open for discussion.

Q: are you going to release the r/BDP averages?

A: The 2016 are already on the calculator. And these will be uploaded there soon.

Q: Maybe some questions from a female perspective, but I realize the majority of survey takers will be male

A: I really wanted to put more questions for them but I was afraid that there wouldn’t be many answers to go through. Though they represent only ~2% of the survey, that’s still quite an amount of replies and in retrospect I should’ve asked more questions.

Q: Neat survey. A little personal, but I don't see how some of these questions could be used in some context. A lot of them might have some correlation to the users on this forum, but some might see it as extraneous data or, just plain weird. Anyways, I hope you find whatever results you're looking for.

A: Some have valid reasons to be there, other questions are just for curiosity’s sake.

Q: Ball measurements? you went too far there thats pretty weird

A: Why is measuring your balls any more weir? You are in a subreddit dedicated to dicks, I don’t get it.

Q: 9³ = 729

A: ok

Q: I think an even scale should be better than an odd one as people can’t pick “the middle” which is what people tends to pick despite their true answer being different

A: I don't know which question you're referring to when you say this.

Q: should've been more specific on how to measure. Because of my upward curve i measure BP with a ruler at 7 inches. but if i use a tape measure along my curve then i measure to around 8.5 . Giving specific instructions on how to measure will better ensure that people don't give their own inflated measurement.

A: I don’t know the specifics behind measuring curves either, I just repeat the stuff that I’ve read about that I think makes sense. What I mean by that is that I’m basically a Wi-Fi Repeater in human form.

Q: An explanation or link to how to calculate ball size.

A: You're correct, that would've been nice to have in the survey.

Q: Please use a more professional questionnaire system next time – I can't take people who use Google Forms seriously.

A: Sheesh, okay then. Have any suggestions?

Q: It's okay, but you should probably have structured it differently if you expected it to have much scientific validity.

A: This entire thing is just for the lolz and the funsies and stuff. This would work very poorly as an actual scientific study.

Q: your final question should be multiple choice

A: That question doesn’t deserve to be multiple choice.