2019 Survey

Responses that make sense when Mario travels to a P.U. at 4QPU speed

Q: Yeet

Q: y e e t

Q: Yeet

A: Yeet with feet while writing sleek leet on the street's meet and greet.

Q: Yes

A: Yes?

Q: Can have muscle and fat... The mountain would like to have a word with you.

A: I don't get this reference. But yes, you can be both.

Q: Our fingers have fingertips, our toes don't have toes tips, but you can get on your toe tips, and most people can't get on their fingertips


Q: sub to pewdiepie

A: This meme has gone too far.

Q: Why are these questions so gay

A: Because I’m bi, and a bit of gayness is always included as part of the bi bundle.

Q: Idc

A: Who cares?

Q: Option 7

Q: Option 7

A: Option 7

Q: Big Dicks Rule ;)

A: Yeah boy! Girl! Boy or girl! Hold on, let me look it up...Okay you’re a guy, so: Yeah dude!

Q: I want to tongue your ears.

A: I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing and I’m slightly concerned.

Q: Option 8

A: Type 8-8-8 in calcSD.

Q: ching chong i have a bigger ding dong

A: We have found the musician among us.

Q: Pee is stored in the balls


Q: Penis

A: You know what?

Q: Ur gay


Q: I like trains


Q: OwO *notices buldge* wowwee, so bwig!


Q: Yoink

A: Zoinks, scoob!

Q: Good shit 👌

A: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀

Q: My cat smells like peanut butter

A: Thank you for the information.

Q: No Attack Helicopter choice... FeelsBadMan

A: We already had enough fun with it last survey.

Q: Sure wish I could put this bad boy to use more often ;) 8ΞΞΞΞΞD~~

A: Ladies, he's single.

Q: I masturbate around 30 times a week

A: I don't know if that's impressive or worrying.

Q: GOOD survey. Now pardon me, I'm going to get some Bob and vegena.

A: Bob’s and Vegeta

Q: Is option 7 a PewDiePie meme reference? If so, well done...

A: Uh, no. Option 7 is Option 7.

Q: Good jon


Q: My name jeff

A: Hi Jeff.

Q: Next time ask about car size to see if there's a negative correlation.


Q: Get down Mrs. Obama

A: Politics? On my Minecraft Server???

Q: Jacking off is fun

A: Tell us more.

Q: why am i doing this

A: A question I asked myself many times while I was making the survey.